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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transportacion en La Republica Dominicana

   From the earliest of times, man has searched for better, faster, more efficient ways to travel from point a to point b. Here in the DR, there are a number of interesting modes of transportation in the country.
   The first and most basic way is walking. We have probably walked more this last week than we have in the past two months at home. We walk to the meetings, walk in service, walk to the store. It is incredible how much walking you will do when there is no car available. Not in the mood to walk? For a few pesos this gentlemen will give you a ride on his trusty steed!

The most interesting and in my opinion, exciting means of getting around are the motos and guaguas. A moto is simply a small motorbike of about 100cc or so. It is the kind of bike or moped you have in the States when you first start learning to ride. Here in the DR it makes a perfectly fine family vehicle. It is not unusual to see 3 or more people riding around, sometimes with bags or other cargo on the bike. At times, depending on how far the territory is the friends will ride a moto taxi to the territory. They are an inexpensive and fuel efficient way to travel about.
Say "Gwah-Gwah"
So what is a guagua? Although it sounds like a baby crying, it is a small mini-bus that is used to travel along a bus route. We have taken them in the ministry, to go to the mercado for groceries and to travel to Santo Domingo to the Bethel branch there. Guaguas are fun!
 Especially when you take them on a Friday evening with 10 bags of groceries and the bus is overfilled with weary people coming home from work and you are standing up getting tossed around and the grocery bag is clobbering the poor lady sitting in the seat below you and the sharp frond from that fresh pineapple is sticking into the derriere of that woman standing up behind you AND THEN YOU FIND OUT YOU ARE ON THE WRONG GUAGUA???!!! "Juan Dolio? No senor Boca Chica!"                   
Alright! Front row seats!
   Thus, we learned not all guaguas go where you are headed. Note to self: ask before getting on! What I find truly amazing about the guaguas is how a mini-bus designed to hold about twenty people can routinely fit that many and hold a whole lot more. Man, can they pack 'em in! It is quite funny to see when a couple of them begin to compete for passengers. If you walk up to the bus stop they will literally grab you on to their guagua before the other guy can get you on his. They then will race down the street, cutting off anyone in their way to beat the competing guagua to the bus stop to get the passengers first. Quite a scene, kind of like a "Dueling Guaguas" if you will. 
   So, there you have it; transportation in the DR. Is it different? Yes indeed; but thus far we have gotten safely to every place we have started out for. Later this week we will be traveling  to Jarabacoa and Santiago to visit congregations there, so we will get to see more of the gorgeous countryside and no doubt find more interesting ways to travel about in the Dominican Republic.  

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to reading about your experiences in the DR, it is very encouraging and exciting. Keeping your family in my prayers.


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