ACTS 16:9,10: And during the night a vision appeared to Paul: a certain Mac‧e‧do′ni‧an man was standing and entreating him and saying: “Step over into Mac‧e‧do′ni‧a and help us.” Now as soon as he had seen the vision, we sought to go forth into Mac‧e‧do′ni‧a, drawing the conclusion that God had summoned us to declare the good news to them.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

   One of our big adjustments since coming to Mexico has been getting used to living in a Mexican style apartment.We used to live in an average American home. Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms...with  TUBS...and A/C.  Ahhh, life in the good ole' U.S.A.
   Alas, here in Guasave homes are a bit more compact shall we say? We live in a typical 2 bedroom 1 bath home. It has just enough space for us and when we consider that it is not unusual for an extended family of perhaps 6 or more to share the same size home, we are living large in comparison.
  One issue that has bugged us though is the lack of privacy we have. In order for Suzanne and I to get into our room we have to go through Danielle's room. This is not ideal especially when we are getting dressed or for a trip to el bano in the middle of the night. So what to do?

The Problem. Our room is on the left side, Dani's is on the right

   "You know what, maybe I can build a screen" I suggested. The two of them immediately started laughing at me. You have to understand. Those of you who know me know that I am not Bob the Builder. Ask me for a recipe for pork chops or what to do with a standing rib roast-no problem; I'll give you three different ideas. Ask me to build something-thaaat might be an issue. I'm telling you; I'm all thumbs. So when I had THE NERVE to imply that I would build, my family mocked me. The gauntlet had been laid down, duty and honor required that I respond. So it is with great pride that I present to you: The Wonderscreen 2000! (not available in stores)

Proud New Owner
 This piece of solid craftsmanship ( Hecho in Mexico) was proudly designed and assembled by one J. David Windham, owner and operator of Wonderscreen Industries (hey a guy can dream can't he?)
   Seriously though I put it together this afternoon using some pieces of scrap wood one of the brothers in the congregation had in his shop and about $6.00 worth of supplies I purchased at a  ferreteria (that's hardware store for you folks north-of-the-border) Danielle greatly appreciates it as now she can extend it when she is dressing. When Suzanne and I need to leave the room we don't have to call out "are you decent?". She has her privacy and all is well. The two of them are even talking about putting some fabric or lace on to dress it up a bit. I said that will make it too girly and suggested something like ohh I don't know maybe blue and orange with a N.Y. Mets logo on it but that idea was quickly shot down.
   Anyway this gives me hope. Maybe I can sell hundreds and make enough money to keep us here in Mexico. Or maybe not. But it did feel good to build something with my own hands. And now when I read in Isaiah "they will not build and someone else have occupancy" I will no longer break out in a nervous sweat. I will think to myself I can do this. After all, I invented the Wonderscreen.  ;-)

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