ACTS 16:9,10: And during the night a vision appeared to Paul: a certain Mac‧e‧do′ni‧an man was standing and entreating him and saying: “Step over into Mac‧e‧do′ni‧a and help us.” Now as soon as he had seen the vision, we sought to go forth into Mac‧e‧do′ni‧a, drawing the conclusion that God had summoned us to declare the good news to them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Say Hello to:

   I thought it would be a nice idea to  interview some of the friends who are serving here in Guasave, to hear their expressions first hand. Each of us whether we are foreigners or locals have a different story of how we came to serve in Guasave. What motivates us to leave behind home and family and come to this small city on the Pacific coast of Mexico and serve? What preparations did we make to come here? How has the experience been for us? So, to answer these and other questions the premiere edition "Say Hello To: " presents....                                                                                           

Aaron Lee is a 25 year old publisher, serving as a  Ministerial Servant in the Streatham Congregation, in London, England. Aaron served with the Guasave English Congregation 3 months from May-July 2013.

What has motivated you to serve as a Needgreater?
Reading the experiences in the yearbook, especially about Papua New Guinea did. Additionally the series of articles "They Offered Themselves Willingly" appearing in The Watchtower was an encouragement.

Why Mexico and how did you choose the city of  Guasave?
I was influenced by a pioneer sister in my congregation who had served in Guadalajara, Mexico in the past. She had very positive comments about serving in Mexico. After writing the Mexico Branch and inquiring about places that needed assistance, I had a selection of Nicaragua, Guasave and one other location in Mexico. I chose Guasave after prayerful consideration and communicating with the COBE here in Guasave. 

How have did you manage to get the time/money to spend three months in Mexico?
At work my foreman is a Witness. When I mentioned to him my desire to serve, he approached the company director without my knowledge and got an o.k for me to go. He "paved the road" so that when I asked for time off it was granted. They agreed to hold the job for me until I return. Just a few weeks before leaving, the boss emailed me to ask "when are you coming back?"

I paid off my credit cards before coming. I have kept my life simple and saved money. Some in the congregation gave me gifts when I left;  my boss did as well;  that was a surprise. My family also has offered to help me.

What are some positive things from your time here?
How nice it is to spend time in the ministry every day! People listen to you-there is no rejection. I have enjoyed spending more time with the brothers and sisters here. At home it's pure work; here I have more time for the friends.

What are some of the challenges you have faced?
Being sick (Montezuma) was not easy but I got past it. I would not let that deter me from coming back again though.

Have you learned anything about yourself from the experience?
"When you trust in Jehovah, he takes care of you." There were many potential anxieties but none are really necessary when you trust Jehovah. 

Would you try serving where the need is great again?
Yes! I'm going to!

What encouragement would you offer to others thinking about Needgreatering?
"Pray, plan, and go."

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