ACTS 16:9,10: And during the night a vision appeared to Paul: a certain Mac‧e‧do′ni‧an man was standing and entreating him and saying: “Step over into Mac‧e‧do′ni‧a and help us.” Now as soon as he had seen the vision, we sought to go forth into Mac‧e‧do′ni‧a, drawing the conclusion that God had summoned us to declare the good news to them.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Nicaragua Trip

   We've been back from Nicaragua for a couple of weeks now and after reflecting on our trip and my "meltdown" mentioned in the previous post I now ask myself: "what was all the fuss about?" In the end I must say it was an enjoyable trip.
   We spent the majority of our time on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, as unique a place as I have ever visited. The coast differs greatly from the the majority of Nicaragua. While the Pacific side Nicaragua is Puro Espanol,  the coast is like a spicy gumbo; a lively blend of Creole and Indigenous cultures with a flourish of Spanish sprinkled in. English is the dominant language here but almost everyone we spoke to was multilingual. Reggae music and Bob Marley images coexist side by side with 1980's Country & Western music. Caribbean influenced foods like Rundown and Patties share the table alongside rice and beans and plantanos.. Surrounded by water we enjoyed beautiful views of sunsets and tranquil(relatively) evenings and star filled nights sitting by the pier of our hotel.
   Our main reason for going there however was the preaching work. The congregation in Pearl Lagoon has about 12 or so publishers and a large area of territory, some of which has not been preached to in years. We were privileged to share in the work and enjoy several nice experiences while there. On more than one occasion we had people come up to us and ask us for literature while we were in the field. Our most exciting day was visiting Kakabila, an indigenous (Miskito) village about an hour away by boat from Pearl Lagoon.
   The people of Kakibila live in modest homes with wells and outdoor wood stoves. Many are fishermen and cows and horses roam about freely. As we made our way from house to house through the village everyone stopped whatever they were doing when we reached their house, invited us in and listened to what we had to say.

   One woman named Adelia was busy working in the kitchen when we called. She invited us in to the outdoor kitchen that all the homes have. It is a small wooden room outside the home. There is a place to keep a fire going (they use wood to cook there) and a small sink area. Usually a work table or small chair is here as well. When we visited her she listened intently as I shared with her the tract on suffering and read Rev. 21:3, 4 from the Bible. As you can see above her bird was also curious as to what we had to offer!
   We also visited a young couple named Mariano and Maribel. We shared the December magazines "Do we still need God?" with them. I guess the sight of foreigners was a novelty to Maribel because she kept smiling at Suzanne and I the whole time we were there. As we left Suzanne noted Mariano's demeanor and said he had a sad look about his face. We returned to the house and talked some more with them. He listened intently as if what he was hearing was very important to him. We showed them the Good News brochure and reviewed lesson number five, summarizing the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and how Jehovah's purpose for the earth has not changed. Although Mariano seemed to have much on his mind, he thanked us for coming telling them these things and that he did not know them. As we left the two of them sat on their porch reading the literature we left with them.
   It occurred to me that these people although they live simple, humble lives listen to the Kingdom message. We hope that in the coming weeks the friends in PL will be able to visit them and cultivate the seeds of truth that were sown.                                                  

"all stop Kakabila"

they're "out" of the "house"

Dani living out her "Needgreater Dream"

"Bacon and Eggs"

a "kitchen"

they've got satellite??!!!

we preached until the cows came home...

...but in the end we were happy!



  1. You three are living the life! I always look forward to the next blog entry. It's so amazing to all of the efforts Jehovah's people are putting forth all over the earth to help all come to an accurate knowledge of truth. What's even more amazing to me is when I see [FAMILIES] serving in need great assignments. That takes a lot of hard saving, and diligence of keeping the goal in mind on everyone's part, and it sets an excellent example for us all.

    Dani obviously has two amazing parents, and I'm so excited to see her experience this so early, I'm only a few years older than her, but it would have been amazing to experience the same at that age.

    You all keep up the amazing work, and I can't wait to hear about your next journey! I didn't know Pearl Lagoon had such a need! 12 publishers, and unworked territory? My friends from VA are back in Leon for a few months, but I've "virtually" met Sis Debbie Polden that was in Pearl Lagoon with her husband Pat.

    Thanks for the tip on that! I had only considered Leon, Masaya, Managua, a few of the popular places, but it sounds like I would have plenty to stay busy with in Pearl Lagoon

    Your sister, Tiera [Richmond, VA]

    I LOVE that bible cover! Any chance you can share where you purchased it?

    1. Tiera, thank you for the kind and encouraging words. Really though we are just like you trying to do the best we can and enter into the joy of our Master.
      The Bible cover we got in Jamaica. Some enterprising brothers there made them not long after it was released. Now that I have a cover I guess mine is "brother-proof" :-0

  2. Hooray! I'm so glad you guys stuck it out for a little bit. Lagoon is a pioneer paradise not just because of it's surroundings but the beauty of the people and the congregation as well. Soooooo, when ya movin to Lagoon??! Just kidding....unless you are gonna move!!!! I will keep you in my prayers that you find a great place to serve. Can't wait for an update! Nica Chica


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